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PLAYVEST Awarded SME quality label 2015

PLAYVEST is once more distinguished “PME Exelência ” (Excellency SME label) recognizing the best performing small to medium sized Portuguese companies.

Created by the Portuguese Agency Portuguese for Competitiveness and Innovation, the “PME Excelência” label is set out to be the benchmark in outstanding business performance.

But first things first. And first companies have to meet criteria to enter and be labelled “PME Líder”, the entry level SME quality label if you will. And here is how the whole process works in Portugal; “PME Líder” companies are recommended by one of 10 banks operating in Portugal and must obey several criteria. They must of course be small or medium-sized companies, witch by local terms means to have less then 250 employees, a total business volume equal or less then 50 million euros and total turnover equal or less than 43 Million Euros. Turnover should be of at least 1.Milion and growing as should be registered growth in the EBITDA. And financial autonomy should be at 30%.

Companies meeting all criteria are selected, labels are issued and Portuguese Agency Portuguese for Competitiveness and Innovation has a succeeded in creating a database with all the scores of the SME performance evaluation. Why stop there?

Why indeed. “PME Líder” Label list is the source for the annual choice of the top performing companies in several business sectors exceling in turnover, profit and management.

Awarded annually “PME Excelência” stands for SME business quality statue and is the outcome of a ground-breaking partnership that brought together the Portuguese Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, the Board of Tourism and 10 major banks operating in Portugal.

Excellency SME’s are chosen according to the following criteria:

  • AAA or AA, rating, based on previous year Annual Report

  • Financial Autonomy Ratio >=35%

  • Continuing business volume growth >=5%

  • Return on Equity >=10%

  • Asset profitability >=3%

PME Excelência” Label aims to provide notoriety as well as improve financing conditions thus strengthening competitive hedge in recognition of the important role these companies play in socio-economic development of the country.

The label is valid for one year and we are already working to make 2016 excellency label happen.