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Fitness Gurus and Supermodels Share the Sports Bras They Swear By

The perfect sports bra is much harder to turn up than yoga pants.

The perfect sports bra is much harder to find than the ideal pair of yoga pants. After all, the fit, amount of support and style all have to align, which is far more difficult than making a flattering spandex top. Then, there’s finding the right one for the day’s class. After all, a high impact trampoline class necessitates something different than a hot yoga class.

As athleisure’s popularity continues to rise and new brands are introduced constantly, some are still having trouble mastering a full coverage sports bra. These brands make attractive, sleek looks that can be worn under a tank or on their own beloved by fitness instructors, princesses, Victoria’s Secret Angels and celebrities who favor leggings over real pants.

If you’ve been searching for a sports bra to provide full coverage without looking hideous, British brand Sweaty Betty has created the Ultra Run Bra. It comes in a variety of colors to peek out from tank tops and match to yoga pants. Celebrity fans of the brand include Jessica AlbaReese Witherspoon, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie and Gigi Hadid.

Sweaty Betty Designer Jessica Adamson said, “It can be challenging to make high impact bras sexy and unique without compromising on the function. A way we get around this at Sweaty Betty is with flattering seaming, using our Sweaty Betty color palette, using power mesh for both function and aesthetics.”

Photo: Sweaty Betty Instagram